Ohio 66
Some additional photos from August, 2008.

Another shot of the bridge with Lake Erie in the backround and the gravel yards on either side.

The Ontario Stone Company yard on the west side of the Cuyahoga River.

In between the two piles of stone is the drawbridge control station which can be seen in the background of the police scenes on the east side.

The Ontario Stone Company with the bridge and the Cleveland skyline in the background.

I believe these are the towers that Nehemiah Persoff climbs down during the final chase scene. I plan to do a little more research before making that statement as fact.

Another shot of St. Theodosius Catherdal (or "St. August Church" as it's known in the episode) on Clevland's Russion Hill.

Looking down St. Tikhon Ave. alongside St. Theodosius Catherdal toward where the rooming house once stood. On the main page is a close-up of that corner with a matching shot from the show.