Corpus Christi Caller-Times - January 24, 1963

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[Sorry, first few sentences of article are unavailable] ...the children, but in a way it has helped Amy.  She has had to make adjustments to new situations and new children that she would not have made if we had stayed in one city,” she said.

When the company started for St.  Louis in October, Mrs.  Milner and the children went home to North Hollywood, Calif., because “Martin didn’t know what kind of accommodations we could find.”

They stayed at home until January and then started back on the road.  The company had time off for Christmas.  Mrs.  Milner will not go back to Hollywood until May.

“One of the biggest problems in traveling with the company four or five months at a time is packing.  We go to so many parts of the country, and the climate is different in each.  For example, we have been using our winter clothes.  When we go to Northern Florida, it will be early spring and not cold there but not warm either.  In Southern Florida it will be summer when we get there.

“There are always clothes I have to buy.  Molly can wear Amy’s clothes, but I don’t have any boy’s clothes.  Stuart outgrows clothes as fast as I can buy them,” she said.

To convey the family around the country, they have a bus.  They also have a Corvette, “the first one we have owned.” Martin has traveled a long way from a Model A when he played in “Father Knows Best” to a Corvette in “Route 66.”

In her motel home, Mrs.  Milner spends her day like any other housewife - :taking care of children, keeping them busy and playing with them.  My housekeeper, Mildred Miller, who has been with Martin since he was 17, helps me a great deal.  Sometimes I go shopping or antique hunting.  In the evenings, I put the children to bed while Martin studies his script.  Then we have time to relax and talk.

“We rarely go out to dinner because of Martin’s hours.  Sometimes they work until 5:30 and sometimes it is 10 at night.  Often he is not around a telephone and can not let me know what time he will be home.  I usually don’t plan on him being home for dinner,” she said.

On Fridays, Mrs.  Milner and the children reserve time for a special activity - “watching daddy on television.”

“I never miss the show.  The children watch it when it comes on early.  Sometimes we have to turn it off because Amy kisses the screen from the time Martin comes on until he is off,” she said.

Mrs.  Milner is a native of Wankegan, Ill., and attended Stephens College.  After she graduated in 1954, she started here career in the entertainment field on the “Tom Duggan Show” in Chicago.  “It was a controversial type show, I talked and sang.” she said.

After two years with the program in Chicago, she moved to Hollywood, Calif., to be on the same show there.

“One night while I was working in Hollywood, I was invited to a dinner party to meet a nice, young man.: I almost didn’t go.  At the last minute I went.  That nice young man was Martin.  We started going together and were married six months later.

“We had to get married between filmings of “Sweet Smell of Success.” Martin had a part in the show.  After we married I gave up my career.  We have been married six years and are very happy,” she said.

Corpus Christi Caller-Times - January 24, 1963

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