Lewisville Leader - March 8, 1962

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Lewisville Used As Site For Filming of Route 66

Just about everybody got into the act when the television show, Route 66, shot its forthcoming show "Love Is a Skinny Kid" in Lewisville starting last Friday, and ending... maybe, today.

Welcome to Kilkenny!

If the Route 66 television program shot in Lewisville did nothing else, it caused one or two of our drinking citizens to take the pledge. It was too much of a shock for them to come back from a wild night in Big D, to find Lewisville had moved out, and Kilkenny moved in.

The irrepressible Fred Crawford was pressed into service for the bus scene which threw him in close proximity to feminine start Tuesday Weld... and that ain't bad proximity, if you ask us... or maybe even if you ask Mr. Fred.

The uniquely beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Huffines was pressed into service by the Route 66 crew as a hotel. A large sign on the front referred to it as the Lone Star Inn.

Some of the local wags tried to find some one with nerve enough to knock on the Huffines' front door and ask for lodging, but no one could be found with that much nerve.

If there were any errors in this edition... and it would be a minor miracle if there weren't, it can all be blamed on the Route 66 television people. Our plant was used for about size hours straight of shooting... and, as luck would have it, all this happened on Tuesday, the worst day of the week for us.

This threw us into working practically the clock around trying to catch up. But please bear with us this week. This is likely to be only a once in a lifetime deal, so from here on out we'll take back some semblance of normalcy.

How could 20-year old Buddy Hood keep his mind on operating the linotype with Tuesday Weld in the same Building?

After watching the actors, directors and technicians film Route 66 here, a lot of youngsters lost their enthusiasm fro carving out a television career. Those folks WORK!

The feminine lead, Tuesday Weld, for example had to walk about ten city blocks in retakes... and in high heels, yet. And we mean pretty long city blocks, from the corner at Poydras and Church down past the community building, the city hall and the post office and around the corner at the Presbyterian Church. She made that trip afoot humpteen (sic) times.

The pictures shot in Lewisville will be seen in about a month from now. The title of this particular show will be "Love is a Skinny Kid."

If the title is meant to infer that Miss Tuesday Weld is skinny, it is a great misnomer. Heck, if that young lady is skinny ????????????????????.

But instead of the play carrying the name of Lewisville, the television producers changed the title to Kilkenny. Their legal department advised this because of the delicate theme of the story.

The whole story theme, with the exception of one segment shot in Seagoville, was televised in Lewisville.

The Moseley Service station on North Mill was converted into a bus station, the name of the Lewisville State Bank was changed to the Kilkenny State Bank, the J.L. Huffines home became the Lone Star Inn, the Lewisville Leader became the Kilkenny News Courier and the Lewisville Furniture Company became Martha's Café.

Many local adults as well as children were used in several scenes. The public was welcome to watch proceedings provided they remained a safe distance from the camera.

In addition to Moseley's station and the Lewisville Furniture, considerable footage of film was shot inside the Leader building, also the Huffines at the Smith Cemetery and at the Mangrum house on West Main Street. Main Street of Lewisville will appear in several scenes. That's why no signs showing Lewisville could be displayed... only Kilkenny signs flourished, to the bewilderment of many tourists passing through here.

The film shot in Lewisville is expected to be shown in early April.

This was no make-shift or two-bit operation in Lewisville. Guest star was none other than glamorous young star, Tuesday Weld, who was here for all the filming. She was ably supported by another guest star, Harry Townes.

Of course, the series regulars, George Maharis and Marty Milner, were on hand for most of the shooting. Marty, however, did have to fly back to Los Angeles last weekend for the birth of a new son. He was back Tuesday.

The cast and crew that converged on Lewisville consisted of a contingent of some 60 people.

Shooting is done entirely on location. The Route 66 is self contained and carries its props, equipment, generator and cameras, etc. in five trucks.

Producer is Herbert Leonard for Lancer Production Artists.

Lewisville Leader - March 8, 1962

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