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Route of No Evil:

Did CBS television headman JAMES T. AUBREY JR. issue an order calling for "broads, bosoms, and fun" in "Route 66" programs? That was the question raised by Connecticut Democrat THOMAS J. DODD at a Senate subcommittee probe of TV fare. Whatever else might be said of Aubrey's answer, it painstakingly touched all the baseness, to wit: "I do not believe I have ever used the term 'broads, bosoms, and fun' in connection with a CBS television network program. But I believe it is quite easy for people who work in this particular business to interpret a request for attractive girls, rather than neurotic, unhappy, unattractive women - as 'broads.' And also, because you do want them attractive, I believe they use the word 'bosoms.' As far as fun is concerned, I must say that we have asked that there be a lighter side to these stories, that they be gayer."

Newsweek — March 21, 1962

How Do You Lick Problems to Keep 'Route 66' on Road? Ask Schultz

Television's most travelled road show "Route 66" is packing its bags for another season of barnstorming after logging 60,000 miles across 36 states in its first two years of existence.

Logistics of transporting the $250,000 of equipment and 40 men required to produce 32 filmed episodes each season on CBS-TV obviously poses a variety of problems. Man who shoulders those responsibilities is transportation chief Al Schultz, veteran of 10 years in the employ of producer Herbert B. Leonard.

Under his supervision the "Route 66" caravan has kept rolling in the roughest of weather, never missing its daily mileage quota, and being charged with only one minor accident when a gawking motorist collided with one of the show's trucks.

Once, however, in Ely, Nev., all but one truck took the wrong turn and headed 60 miles in the direction of Salt Lake City instead of the intended destination of Page, Ariz., because a key road sign had been removed. On the long haul from Los Angeles to Louisiana a truck turned up missing in the vicinity of Van Horn, Tex., but help from cooperative highway patrol and sheriff's department quickly located the lost vehicle.

Schultz feels he's solved this problem this season. The trucks now are equipped with two-way radio communications. "Now," he says, "all I have to worry about is sun spots."

"Route 66" rolling stock is comprised of four trucks - a car hauler which transports the two corvettes and three passenger cars used in the show, a sound truck containing camera equipment and mounted with a platform capable of raising a camera and its operators 28 feet in the air, a 35-foot semi-trailer containing wardrobe and dressing room, a generator supplying electricity and heat for the company, and a 500-gallon supply of water, and a 35-foot semi-trailer containing grip, prop, electrical and special effects equipment.

VARIETY — August 22, 1962


With Martin Milner, George Maharis, David Janssen, Signe Hasso, Laura Devon
Producer: Mort Abrahams
Director: David Lowell Rich
Writer: Stirling Silliphant
60 Mins., Fri., 8:30 p.m.
CBS-TV (film)

(Campbell-Ewald, Leo Burnett, Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample)

A trade mark of "Route 66," continuing right into the new season, is that the show has always been a little kookie. It seems to have made its mark dealing with eccentrics, and thus it began the new season last Friday (21) night on CBS-TV with a script by Stirling Silliphant, who writes many and supervises most of these adventure hours...

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VARIETY — September 26, 1962

'Route 66' Takes L.A. Detour In Police Dept. Tiff

Running controversy between executives of the "Route 66" telefilm series and L.A. Police Department Chief William Parker over alleged "restrictions" applied to that series by the police continued over the weekend, despite a defense of the chief by Mayor Yorty...

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VARIETY — January 16, 1963

Two Strangers and an Old Enemy

With Martin Milner, Glenn Corbett, Sessue Hayakawa, Jack Warden, Nancy Wickwire, others
Producer: Les Davis
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Stirling Silliphant
60 Mins., Fri., 8:30 p.m.
CBS-TV (film)

(Campbell; Leo Burnett; Benton & Bowles)

CBS-TV's "Route 66" made its fourth season premiere loaded woth talent - Nancy Wickwire Jack Warden, Sessue Hayakawa guesting with series regulars Martin Milner and Glenn Corbett. They provided some flashy performing in a drama set in the Florida everglades that was as murky as a swamp mist...

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VARIETY — October 2, 1963

George Maharis Bounces Back On 'Route 66'

HOLLYWOOD (AP) - George Maharis is back on "Route 66" after an eight-week detour due to hepatitis. This news should cheer his many teen-age fans who missed him on four of the CBS series outings this season. The company had to shoot around him while he was battling the bug.

Mahraris was again on the road with buddy Martin Milner, though they got no farther than Calabasas, a dusty crossroads in the San Fernando Valley. The youngsters were doing a sequence with a trio of ace scene-stealers, Joe E. Brown, Buster Keaton and Edgar Buchanan.

Maharis managed to find an air-conditioned real estate office to cool off after a fight sequence in the 90-plus heat.

"Just what the doctor ordered," he said wryly. "When I asked him if I could come back to work, he says okay, if I took it easy - four or five hours a day.

18 Hours.

"The first day I worked 12 hours, the second 15, the third 18. This is known as recuperation."

Luckily George is a sturdy Greek and has bounced back from the hepatitis attack with no complications. With his schedule, he's got to have a sturdy constitution.

George has hit it big with the younger set, as evidenced by the sale of his record singles and albums. This has put him in demand for features, but so far he hasn't been able to accept.

How long does he expect to keep traveling the same route?

"I think next season (the third) will be crucial. We're up against Mitch Miller on NBC and a couple of comedy shows on ABC Thursday night. If Miller continues to hold on or if the comedy shows catch on, we're finished. Otherwise we might be able to last another year or two."

Bennington (VT) Banner — July 2, 1962

Comics Buster Keaton, Joe E. Brown and Edgar Buchanan head the guest star cast in an unusual "Route 66" episode filming this week on location at Calabasas and Lake Sherwood in Southern California, for fall presentations on CBS-TV. The teleplay, "Journey to Nineveh," is written by William R. Cox.


Evening Independent (Massilon, OH) — July 5, 1962

'Route 66' Family Finds Life on Road Interesting

"The family that lives together, stays together" is a philosophy that Mrs. Sam Manners adopted and put to work full time last September.

Mrs. Manners, Kim, Tana and Kelly have begun traveling the year around with Mr. Manners, who is production chief for "Route 66" and "Naked City."

"We used to travel with Sam only during the summers after the kids were out of school. But as soon as Kelly, our youngest, started in the first grade, we hired a tutor so we could travel with Sam," said petite and blonde Mrs. Manners.

When Mrs. Manners and the children stayed at home in Northridge, Calif., he was able to see them only for short periods.

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Corpus Christi Times — June 4, 1961

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