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Just about everybody got into the act when the television show, Route 66, shot its forthcoming show "Love Is a Skinny Kid" in Lewisville starting last Friday, and ending... maybe, today.

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Lewisville Leader — March 8, 1962



Nancy Orton, left, and Pam Whitmore are the envy of their classmates... not to mention the older girls around town, when handsome George (Buzz) Maharis, star of the "Route 66" television show hoisted them up in his arms for this picture. He was in the Leader office Tuesday for the shooting of the scenes of an upcoming TV show in the Route 66 series, and appeared quite eager to have his picture taken with two such pretty girls.

Lewisville Leader — March 8, 1962



Lewisville's own Patsy Bond received a big hug from handsome George (Buzz) Maharis, star of TV's Route 66, when he and the cast were here last week to film one of their shows. Mrs. Bond approached Buzz for a signature for her grandson Mark Dungan and got an added bonus of a good hug and a picture with Buzz. As a matter of fact, she got so excited over being hugged that she plumb forgot to get the autograph.

Lewisville Leader — March 15, 962



Marty Milner, left, star of Route 66, while shooting a street scene in front of the Lewisville Leader last week, paused to visit with Bonnie Cobb, Lewisville High School senior, and Bill Wolters, freshman at North Texas State University. Apparently Bonnie, who was student assistant in directing the recent LHS smash hit senior play, is giving Marty a few pointers on how it should be done.

Lewisville Leader — March 15, 1962



That's what Martin Sisk is saying about the two signs on the Leader's front window. But Martin wasn't the only one confused last Friday when the Route 66 television crew changed the Leader's name to the Kilkenny News Courier. The Leader building and interior were used for one of the scenes in the Route 66 series. Other buildings in town also had new names.

Lewisville Leader — March 15, 1962


Movie and television star Tuesday Weld wasn't the only doll to visit Lewisville last week. A couple more. Cecilia Holland, left, and her sister Carolyn Sue Holland of Carrollton, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Hill Holland visited with Miss Weld outside her dressing room Friday. The trio makes quite an attractive array of "dolls."

Lewisville Leader — March 15, 1962

From The Community Public Service Monthly Magazine, The Communicator


During early March, five transport trucks, and 60 persons including Hollywood stars, rolled into Lewisville to film an episode of the television show "Route 66". The Communicator photographer joined in the picture-taking act as the above photos indicate. (1) The cameras roll as shooting begins outside a Lewisville home, while townspeople watch eagerly. (2) Film star Tuesday Weld may be seen as she portrays a girl with a baby in the episode "Love Is A Skinny Kid". (3) Close-up of camera and production crews as they ready their lights and actors for the next scene. Several "re-takes" were required during the filming, thereby giving Lewisville residents additional enjoyment in seeing how a film is made.

The Communicator — March 13, 1962


Lewisville TV Debut Scheduled For Friday

All eyes will be glued to television sets in Lewisville Friday night during the showing of Route 66 from 7:30 to 8:30 over Channel 4.

For a goodly portion of the scenes for the Friday show were shot in Lewisville and this area. Also many local people have parts in the show, some actually speaking roles whereas others are just background scenery or in routine roles.

The show is titled "Love Is a Skinny Kid", featuring movie and TV guest star Tuesday Weld, a young lady who is on the threshold of a real booming career.

In addition will be the two stars, George (Buzz) Maharis and Marty (Tod) Milner. They will be supported by character actor, also a guest star, Harry Towne.

Many familiar places will be shown up on the screen such as the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Huffines, the Mangrum home on West Main, the Moseley Service Station, the Lewisville Furniture Company, the Lewisville Leader and the Lewisville State Bank. However, all will have the name of Kilkenney (sic), not Lewisville. Also there will be several scenes on Main Street and various side streets.

Expected to be seen in the film will be the two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Taylor, Fred Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cozby, Mary Rankin, Byrlos Harn, Lee Sergent, Morris Lord, Frank Jones, Bill Prather, Buddy Hood, the Rev. William Orton and a host of others in crowd scenes.

Plans are being made for television parties at various homes Friday night.

The Route 66 television crew spent almost two weeks in Lewisville.

Lewisville Leader — April 5, 1962

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